Time to be a "doer"

I live in a bubble. I go to church where most of the people are Christians. I go to Southeastern Seminary where EVERYONE is a Christian. I hang out with my small group one or more nights a week, they’re all Christians. My girlfriend and her friends, Christians. I like it in my bubble because it’s comfortable. I am surrounded by Christians on all sides. They are my buffer. I don’t have to worry about those difficult conversations where people might not believe what I believe or might challenge me. I’m preaching this Sunday at a church that is not often frequented by large numbers of non-believers. That’s easy. I don’t have to worry about someone leaving with a bad taste in their mouth towards Christianity because what I say challenges them to their core. Most of the population will be elderly people who have been a Christian longer than I have been alive. I’ll most likely even get the occasional “Amen!” That’s how I like it. Comfortable. Continue reading