Equipping Counselors for Your Church

Equipping Counselors for Your Church: The 4e Ministry Training Strategy

The best way to leave a legacy is to equip others to leave their own. ECFCLeaders want to change lives, and the best leaders know that a truly effective ministry must train its members to become leaders themselves. After all, God’s people want to change lives too—but we are all tired of approaches that promise much and deliver little. We are ready for an equipping ministry that is comprehensive, easy to implement, and relationship-oriented; not program-focused.

The 4E Ministry Training Strategy, tested in hundreds of churches already, is a best- Continue reading

Group Health Indicators

An effective support-recovery group ministry requires a group of individuals to be willing to listen, understand, and work together towards a common goal of growth. For that to happen, group leaders and participants must all play their part to ensure that a group remains healthy. In order to determine the health of groups there are two categories of key factors to evaluate: tangible and intangible. Continue reading