Purpose of Large Group

Each week at G4, our goal is to welcome new and committed participants alike.Our desire is to create a large group space that allows all to feel as though they are welcomed and benefit from the brief teaching that takes place in the large group. Having a large opening group gives a chance for individuals, specifically newer members who are present to accomplish the following three goals: Continue reading

Returning Participants

This includes anyone who has been one or more times. Most of the time, those that have been only once before will still be a bit timid in their entry because they have not become completely familiar with our process yet.


  1. Welcome Each Participant: Each participant whether they have been only once before or are a regular should be greeted with a warm and welcoming greeting.Be sure that everyone who walks through the door feels that their presence is important. For some, this will be the most welcoming greeting they get all week.

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First-Time Participants

These are individuals who have not been to G4 before and are perhaps nervous about the idea of joining our ministry because of the stigma that is attached to attending “group counseling.” Our goal is to make these individuals feel welcome and as though they have made the right choice in taking the tremendous step of courage walking through the door for the first time.

Introduce Yourself: Most often we see first time guest walk in a little bit slowly because they are nervous. They are looking around to check for some sign that they are in the correct place and are most often not carrying curriculum. When you see someone who seems nervous, introduce yourself, offering your name, and ask them if it is their first time. Continue reading

Overview of Training

We will outline four major areas at G4 throughout this training that we will walk through in order as they will happen on the night of G4:

  1. Welcome & Sign-in Procedures (15 minutes): This training will equip you to engage with and welcome new participants in a manner that is welcoming and helpful. G4-1Often participants make up their mind about whether or not they will come back to an event before they ever make into large or small groups.The welcome they receive at the door matters. In addition to being welcoming, it is necessary that you are able to follow a specific procedure that allows guest to be properly signed-in so that so they get connected with the correct group and are informed about the nature of our ministry (an important liability protection measure for anything counseling-related).

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