It’s Not Just Locker Room Banter!

Disclaimer: This post is not meant to start a long political debate about who is right and who is wrong. It is also not meant to start a long political debate about a person’s ability to govern our country. This is not my endorsement of one candidate over the other. This post is only meant to speak to a larger topic that has come to the forefront during an already tumultuous campaign season.

For days, I have seen responses to Trump’s words about his treatment of women and a large majority of them have been done well; however, it seems that the majority of the articles have been written from a non-male, non-Christian perspective. This post is an attempt to fill that small gap that has been noticed and why as a Christian male I am outraged and you should be too over the words spoken by Donald Trump. Continue reading

Social Media Crisis

Facebook has over 1.7 Billion users. That means that within the last month over 1.7 Billion different accounts have been accessed and used to connect with one another to view, share, and like post by other users that they may have never met but consider “friends.”

Social Media. The place that we go to hide in the open. We escape into a land of hashtags and picturesque photos of our latest vacations or the most recent newlywed couples that allow us to believe the fairytale others choose to tell us. Continue reading