Confidentiality in Group Counseling

One of the most common concerns of a participant is confidentiality. Without confidentiality the work of counseling would be problematic because participants would find it difficult to trust their group facilitator or group enough to share the most intimate details of their lives. 

Confidentiality is too important to a counseling ministry to assume that it is being done well. For this reason, we strive to do everything possible to ensure that we are protecting the stories of those who have entrusted us with them. For this reason, at G4 we believe confidentiality to be so fundamental to caring well for people that it is one of our seven core values. This blog explores two different aspects of confidentiality: (1) why confidentiality is important, and (2) how we as a ministry strive to uphold it. 

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Why New Year’s Resolutions Go Unresolved

No one sets goals to intentionally fail at them, but year after year it happens to people who make New Year’s resolutions. G4-1It’s why the gym is always crowded in January, busy in March, and empty by June. Whether people make resolutions to eat healthier, lose weight, or even become emotionally healthier the goals are often pushed aside if not completely forgotten relatively early in the year. Why is it that people who start the year with so much excitement about change so quickly lose steam?

Change Requires a Process

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Navigating the Holidays Healthily

While Christmas and other holidays are meant to be some of the happiest times of the year, often for many people it quickly becomes a time of difficult emotions including but not limited to: stress, anxiety, depression, and grief.greg-weaver-174103-unsplash Compounding the problem of those emotions with the irregularities of schedule during the holiday and the overabundance of people crowding in on you, it can be increasingly difficult to catch your breath and make it through the holidays well. Below are a few recommendations for making it through the holidays well so that they can be restful and enjoyable. Continue reading

Is Counseling For Me?

For a long time now counseling has had a negative stigma attached that has kept people from seeking help. Often people have wrongly viewed those who reach out for help as weak or incapable of handling their own problems. However, it is quite the opposite, only those who are strong enough to admit their struggle and are ready to deal with it reach out for the help of a counselor. Coming to a counselor is admitting that life is difficult and that some problems are too large to tackle without the help and encouragement of another.

Why Counseling?

Counseling provides an artificial pairing of two people that allows an individual to talk openly with someone who is an unbiased third party. Often when talking with family or friends no matter how much one tries to be unbiased they will inevitably bring the emotions of the relationship in the conversation.

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Who Am I?

Introductions. The few seconds where we decide how to tell new people who we are as a person. Every time we meet someone new, we almost instantaneously begin to formulate how we will put our best foot forward. We want to explain who we are as quickly as possible, so the other person will like us almost immediately. Our desire is to make a good impression that others will remember.

A sample introduction might look something like this:

“Hi, I’m John.”

“It’s nice to meet you Jim. I just graduated with my Masters in Biblical Counseling from Southeastern and right now I’m working as a landscaper. What do you do?”

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