Overview of Training

We will outline four major areas at G4 throughout this training that we will walk through in order as they will happen on the night of G4:

  1. Welcome & Sign-in Procedures (15 minutes): This training will equip you to engage with and welcome new participants in a manner that is welcoming and helpful. G4-1Often participants make up their mind about whether or not they will come back to an event before they ever make into large or small groups.The welcome they receive at the door matters. In addition to being welcoming, it is necessary that you are able to follow a specific procedure that allows guest to be properly signed-in so that so they get connected with the correct group and are informed about the nature of our ministry (an important liability protection measure for anything counseling-related).


  1. Large Group (30 minutes): This portion of the night allows for first time guest as well as returners to get a sense of what G4 is and how we as a ministry operate. Furthermore, for some of our guest, this will be the first time that they have been in a space surrounded by others who are working on struggles in their lives. This portion of the night is a time where leadership (that means you too), will teach through one of the core values of G4, or one of the 9-Steps of Sin or Suffering. Our goal is not to provide a comprehensive overview of each material but to allow members to familiarize themselves with the core values and structures of our ministry so that G4 group leaders can focus their group time of subject-specific curriculum.


  1. Topic Specific Small Groups (60 minutes): This is the time of the night where most things will happen for our participants. During this time, group facilitators will engage group members through the use of curriculum and conversation. The goal is for members to have completed a portion of curriculum during the week prior so that they are able to come ready to engage in conversation about the material and the way it impacts their story. This training will help you to understand your role as facilitator and how to help those in your group use the material in a way that is helpful to them in their story.


  1. Debrief (30 minutes) – Leaders Only: Each week in group there will be new challenges and difficulties that will need to be dealt with. During debrief our goal is to bring those issues forward so that other leaders can help think through issues that might have already been present in their groups and how they addressed those issues. This is also when you will have the clearest sense of serving on a team that provides support for another as you walk with participants who are grappling with weighty struggles. This collaborative effort amongst leaders often leads to some of the most productive conversation that helps to solve any issues that may arise. Lastly, a few times a year, guest speakers will be brought in to share their knowledge about areas where they may be considered an expert. This allows us to both meet people from our church or community that have specialized skills they are willing to share as well as give us new perspectives on how to handle difficult and challenging subjects.

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