Returning Participants

This includes anyone who has been one or more times. Most of the time, those that have been only once before will still be a bit timid in their entry because they have not become completely familiar with our process yet.


  1. Welcome Each Participant: Each participant whether they have been only once before or are a regular should be greeted with a warm and welcoming greeting.Be sure that everyone who walks through the door feels that their presence is important. For some, this will be the most welcoming greeting they get all week.

  1. Have Each Participant Sign-in: Our desire is not to track a particular participants attendance through our sign-in but we do need an accurate count of participants so that we are able to plan well each week. For this reason, we ask our table workers to have each participant sign-in each week even if they have been attending for an extended period of time.
  1. Get a Name-Tag: Each participant should get a name-tag so that they can be more easily known and identified within their group. Because we do not close our groups to new members, there is always a likelihood that there will be new participants in a group. For first time guest, it can be intimidating to enter into a conversation with someone who they are unable to call by name while all the other participants seem to know one another. A name tag, in some respects can be a great equalizer to this problem.
  1. Large Group: Participants should attend large group. After signing-in at our sign-in table participants should be directed into the large-group space. We encourage all participants to arrive early enough to be checked-in on time so that they are able to engage in the full weekly experience of G4.


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