Side by Side

Side by Side: Walking with Others in Wisdom and Love

Practical Guidance for Loving Others Well

Everyone needs help from time to time, especially in the midst of painful circumstancesSidebySide and difficult trials. In this short book, a highly respected biblical counselor and successful author offers practical guidance for all Christians—pastors and laypeople alike—who want to develop their “helping skills” when it comes to walking alongside hurting people.

Written out of the conviction that friends are the best helpers, this accessible introduction to biblical counseling will equip believers to share their burdens with one another through gentle words of wisdom and kind acts of love. This book is written for those eager to see God use ordinary relationships and conversations between ordinary Christians to work extraordinary miracles in the lives of his people.

Notes From the Blogger:

Ed Welch provides a great resource for the entirety of the church. This book is not one that is meant only for the counselor but for the lay person within the church. This book would be a valuable resource for anyone who desires to care for friends and others well.

The first part of the book presents the understanding that all people are needy. This portion of the book sets up a person to understand their need to get help outside of themselves. The last major point of part one explains how to ask for help from first the spirt and then other people.

The second part of the book explains the premise that all people are needed. Welch presents the idea that even those that are suffering are able to helpers. In order to be a helper, the person must understand how to intentionally pursue others in relationships. This book provides both theoretical and practical advice for an individual who wants to care for others well. This part of the book specifically helps one to develop skills to be a good small group member, accountability partner, or friend to walk through difficult times in someone’s life with Christ in mind.

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