9 Steps for Sin-Based & Suffering-Based Struggles

We, The Summit Church, do not believe there is a one-size-fits-all solution to the struggles of life. Neither do we believe there is any magic in these particular steps. However, we do believe that these steps capture the major movements of the Gospel in the life of an individual. We also believe that it is through the Gospel that God transforms lives and modifies behavior as He gives us a new heart.G4-1

We believe that the Gospel speaks to both sin (things we do wrong) and suffering (painful experiences for which we are not responsible) to bring peace, wholeness, and redemption; but that the gospel operates uniquely to offer hope for these two types of experiences.

We also believe that every person is both a sinner and a sufferer, so both models are necessary in the life of each individual. We hope that what you learn in these materials will deepen your understanding of and appreciation for the gospel in every area of your life.

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