Function & Purpose of Debrief

At G4, there are three main purposes for debrief, a time of questions, training, and prayer. G4-1While each might not occur each night at debrief, the goal is to implement each of them well so that our G4 team might feel heard, equipped, and filled with the Holy Spirit.

Question & Answer

Debrief allows leaders an opportunity to discuss the events of their group and receive feedback. Because the G4 director cannot observe every group each night or even with consistent regularity, this provides opportunity for group leaders to ask questions of other group leaders as well as the director. Our group leaders are a wealth of knowledge and often have the best perspective on issues that might arise during groups. For this reason, we have chosen to bring all of our leaders together at the end of the night to allow them to discuss some of the more difficult things that have surfaced during groups. This collaborative style of thinking allows leaders to interact as a team.


Debrief also allows for continued education of group leaders so that they are better equipped to carry out the role that they have been assigned. Periodically during debrief we will bring in professionals in counseling, psychiatry, or other related fields to provide training to allow for more advanced training in a variety of topics. Although we do not expect our leaders to be professional counselors themselves, our desire is to provide the best care possible for our participants by providing topic specific training.


Debrief also allows for a collective time of prayer for the leaders. As a volunteer team we will gather during debrief to pray over our participants and their struggles along with our own struggle. This time of reflection and prayer allows us keep Christ first in remembering that He is the source all change and that we are simply his agents of change working with other broken people.

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