Facilitating Church Based Counseling Groups: Fall 2022 Webinar Series

Do you feel called to use your story and experience to care well for others?

Do you want to understand how to practically run a peer-based support and recovery group in the context of your church?

If you answered “yes” to these questions, we would invite you to join us for this webinar series. 


  • What will I learn from these webinars? When you’re done you should be able to understand the practical steps to running a G4 group. 
  • Do I need to attend them all? Yes, each webinar is part of a series and will rely on information from the previous webinars. 
  • Is there a cost? The webinars are free. 
  • How long is each webinar? Each webinar will run for approximately 45 minutes followed by a Q&A. Webinars will start at 3:00PM and will end at or before 4:00PM
  • Who should attend? Anyone who is interested in learning how to facilitate a G4 group at their church.


August 25
Webinar 1: What is G4?

RSVP HERE. The first webinar will establish the basics of a peer-based support and recovery group ministry known as G4. We will discuss the defining markers of G4, its core values, and how it is distinctly different from other discipleship groups. 

September 8th
Webinar 2: Raising Awareness about G4 and Providing Informed Consent

RSVP HERE. Every ministry will need clarity but in order for G4 to thrive we need to be sure people know what it is and where to find it. This webinar will focus on strategies for raising awareness and how to communicate clearly about what is provided without overpromising and under delivering. 

September 22
Overviewing a Night at G4

RSVP HERE. From the doors opening to leader debrief we will explore exactly how a night at G4 should run and how to provide a welcoming environment for those that are hurting. 

October 6
Job Description of a G4 Leader

RSVP HERE. This webinar will discuss the job of a G4 leader. We will walk through the responsibilities, roles, and expectations of leading a peer-based support and recovery group. 

October 20
Using Curriculum Well at G4

RSVP HERE. At G4 we use three types of curriculum: Nine Step Model for Suffering, Nine Step Model for Sin, and Non-Nine step curriculum. This webinar is designed to discuss how to effectively use the three types of curriculum in G4 groups.

November 3
The Life of the Group (Part 1): Me to We

RSVP HERE. This webinar will be the first of two discussing group formation. We will cover how to go from a group of individuals to a group with common goals. We will walk through what it looks like to navigate resistance to change to create a shared culture. 

November 17
The Life of the Group (Part 2): Shared Culture to Graduation

RSVP HERE. In part two of the group formations webinar we will address the journey of the group from a shared culture to graduation. We will discuss how a group benefits from shared ownership and how to deal with regression of a group. 

December 1
A Job Description for the G4 Director

RSVP HERE. This webinar will focus on the role of G4 director. We will focus on the expectations, roles, and responsibilities of a director especially in relation to the group leader. In this discussion we will pay particular attention to how a G4 director should care for their group facilitators.

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