G4 Recovery-Support Groups

In my role as the Director of Recovery-Support Group Ministries at The Summit Church we understand that people are hurting and we hope to care for them well during that time of hurting. One way that we have chosen to do this is by providing G4 Recovery-Support Groups for our church and the surrounding community. Though no two people suffer with the same struggle in the same way, coming together with others who are struggling in the same way can provide immense benefit.

Our hope is that people from different backgrounds all suffering with the same life-dominating struggle or sin are able to come together to seek encouragement and growth while walking through a Christ-centered curriculum.

What is a G4 Group?

G4 provides a small group type of atmosphere where people are able to give a period of time to overcoming a life-dominating struggle with sin or suffering. G4-1In this environment we provide a safe environment for our group members to safely gain insight and skills that allow them to engage more fully in life and other biblical community.

Our G4 Groups generally consist of 4-12 participants who are grouped together to work through curriculum that is tailored to their specific struggle. Our goal is that through the process of coming alongside others in a similar struggle, each participant will understand their own sin or suffering story better.

Why the name G4?

“G” stand for Gospel. All of our groups are Gospel-Centered. Rather than making an issue, struggle or sin the main focus of our groups, we strive to make the Gospel the focal point of all of our groups. We do not want participants to find their identity in their struggle but in the person of Christ.

“4” designates the four types of groups that we host:

  1. Recovery: Groups for those struggling with life dominating sin, addiction, or traumatic life event.
  2. Support: Groups for those needing encouragement and support during a period of suffering or hardship.
  3. Therapeutic Educational: Groups for those needing information and/or resources about a specific life issue.
  4. Process: Group for those needing help processing difficult emotions or multiple life stressors.

Current Groups:

  • Anger
  • Anxiety/Depression
  • Codependency
  • Disordered Eating
  • Men’s Purity
  • Marriage Betrayal
  • Substance Abuse
  • Women’s Purity
  • Women’s Trauma

Now What?

Are you struggling to overcome a life-dominating sin or struggle or know someone who is? If you are struggling, please accept this as an invitation to come and explore a G4 group on Mondays at 6:15pm at the Blue Ridge Campus of The Summit Church. If you know someone who is struggling, we would hope that you would consider referring your friend to us so that they are able to get the help they might be searching for in their struggle. For more information visit Summit’s Counseling site here.

Have you overcome a life-dominating sin or struggle? We would love to have you help others overcome their sin or struggle by joining our ministry to lead or co-lead one of our groups. If you are interested in leading a group please email me for more information.

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