G4 Frequently Asked Questions

G4-1Coming to G4 Recovery-Support Groups for the first time can be somewhat intimidating because for some people this is the first step on their road to recovery. It can be difficult to walk into an unknown place with questions especially when you don’t know the right person to ask. For that reason, I have compiled a list of questions that we’ve heard from first-time attenders and have done my best to answer those questions.

What does a typical G4 meeting look like?

G4 meets every Monday night at the Blue Ridge Campus of the Summit. Doors open at 6:15 allowing participants to arrive early enough to sign-in, enjoy light refreshments, and catch-up with other participants.

At 6:30, we begin our large group time where myself, or one of the other group leaders presents on one of G4’s Core Values or one of the nine steps utilized in the curriculum developed by Brad Hambrick. This allows for new participants to be welcomed to the program, understand a little bit more about the purpose of our groups, and hear from some of our leadership outside of their specific group.

At 6:45, we break out into the small group discussions. This is where participants will work through their specific curriculum to address the specific struggle that they desire to overcome.

Which group is right for me?

If you struggle with addiction we ask that you first work to overcome that struggle. The use of any mind or mood altering substance makes life situations worse and prohibits the growth process. Any hope for lasting change is disrupted by substance abuse and should be your starting point.

If substance abuse is not the most prevalent struggle in your life, we ask that you determine which struggle is the most life dominating. For example, if relating to others in a codependent way prevents you from having healthy relationships which then affects other aspects of your life we would ask you to seek help with that struggle. This same logic could be applied for any area of struggle to determine which is most immediate.

Should I wait until the group starts the curriculum over to join?

No, you can join our groups at any point in the year. Even if you come into the curriculum in the middle it would not be unhelpful for you to jump into the group no matter what step they are on. Even if it is your first week in our groups you might not be on step one in your journey.

Although in group we work on the same steps together it is unlikely that all participants will be at the same place in their journey at the same time. Participants at all stages of their journey can be helpful and provide hope for those that are just beginning the process of working on their struggle.

How long should I remain in a group?

This answer depends on where you are in your struggle. There is no limit to how long you can remain in a G4 group; however, we do not want this to become your only source of community within the church. Our desire is that you would remain as long as is necessary for you to overcome your struggle. This process might require one or two full cycles of the curriculum to see victory over your particular area of struggle.

When you begin to see victory in your struggle we would love to celebrate with you. One of our core values is to see our participants transition into the larger small group ministry of the church so that you can begin to help others overcome their struggles.

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