Be Our Guest

Be Our Guest: Perfecting the Art of Customer Service


Exceeding expectations rather than simply satisfying them is the cornerstone of the Disney approach to customer service. Now, in honor of the tenth anniversary of the original Be Our Guest, Disney Institute, which specializes in helping professionals see new possibilities through concepts not found in the typical workplace, is revealing even more of the business behind the magic of quality service. During the last twenty-five years, thousands of professionals from more than thirty-five countries and more than forty industries have attended business programs at Disney Institute and learned how to adapt the Disney approach for their own organizations.

Be Our Guest highlights the successes many of these companies have achieved, plus the key processes and best practices that have made Disney a trusted and revered brand around the world for more than eighty-five years.

Note from the Blogger:

If you are in any context that provides customer service, either in the context of business or ministry I believe that you should consider reading this book so that you may understand how to serve your people well. This book doesn’t simply present ideals on a page but shows how it is that a successful company has implemented them in a real world context.

Within the book, there is a story that explains that the distance between trashcans within Disney parks is based on the average distance people are willing to carry trash before throwing it on the ground. Disney had to conduct a study to know that information and were willing to do so because it mattered to them. That kind of detail is often the thing that becomes easily overlooked when trying to consider all of the “important things” but small details matter. As a person running a ministry, I often think that if the service/product that I am providing is good or well made a person will continue to engage. This book dispels that wrong belief and explains over and over that the details matter.


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