Teaching for Change

Teaching for Change: Eight Keys for Transformational Bible Study with Teens

Teaching for Change guides teachers to unravel the mystery of how students absorb and Teachingprocess information. This insight leads to better prepared lessons that will engage the hearts and minds of students. Coley offers many easily implemented ideas for sharing the truth of God’s Word that will connect with teens on a deeper level. Along with providing eight key concepts of effective teaching essential to real transformation in the lives of students, Coley also includes practical illustrations of how the key concepts look in a typical lesson. Each chapter ends with questions for deeper reflection or group discussion. This book is a vital source for anyone who instructs teens.

Notes from the Blogger:

Dr. Coley has written a short yet useful book for anyone who hopes to work with teens in the context of a Bible study. One of the most striking things about this book is that while written for a specific context, the strategies involved can be taken far beyond just a teen bible study. I believe that as a former teacher, if I would have practiced these skills while teaching, I would have been more effective in teaching and impacting students under my care.

While the title points out that students are the focus of this book, it is easy to see that pastors, small group leaders, and Sunday school teachers could all find valuable strategies within to use with adults. This book takes a very large subject such as teaching, and gives eight key takeaways that can help any leader succeed in teaching.

In my role as Director of Recovery-Support Groups, this book will be helpful for leaders who desire to understand how they can help their group members understand new information so that it can appropriately impact them. While our groups are not meant only to teach, it can help leaders facilitate conversations that will help members understand our curriculum more fully.

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