G4 Training Manual


One of the goals in launching G4 Recovery-Support Group Ministries at The Summit Church was to provide a high-quality peer-based recovery-support groups.

A secondary goal within our ministry structure was to create a ministry that could be replicated by us at the multiple Summit locations but also to create a system of groups that could be replicated by other churches regardless of size. 

As we have expanded beyond a single location, we have developed a training manual that provides practical knowledge about the purpose and function of our groups and the expectations we have of leadership. The combination of the following sections are what we used during our live leader training. I will outline each major section with a link to each topic covered.

 Table of Contents

Group vs. Individual Counseling?

The manual begins with a brief overview of the principles of group counseling and what we believe are five major benefits associated with engaging in a community of believers. This section also gives a brief overview of the purpose behind the name G4.

Overview of Training

In order to give a broader overview of how we host training at The Summit Church, this section provides a general overview of the material covered as well as the time that we used to cover the material during our live training. We will outline four major areas at G4 throughout this training that we walk through in order as they happen on the night of G4.

Welcome & Sign-In

For everyone coming through the door, we want to be welcoming and inviting whether it be the first time or the one-hundredth time through the door for each individual. For some individuals, they will make up their mind about our ministry from the first impression they receive when they walk through the door. For others, walking through the door was extremely difficult, and should be met with a kind, welcoming, and understanding first impression. To ensure that we are welcoming participants in an appropriate manner, we will walk through the correct procedure here for both kinds of individuals who will walk through the door; the first-time participant, or the returner.

Large Group

Large group is an important part of our ministry and the first time that many of our participants get to hear from leadership. In the following post, we have broken down purpose and function of large group so that you are able to see the value it has in bringing all participants together from all the different groups that are offered.

Topic Specific Recovery-Support Groups

This is where participants will spend the majority of their time on a night at G4. For this reason, we spend the majority of our time in the manual as well as in training on this material. You will notice that this section is divided into two main categories: Participants in Groups and Curriculum in Groups. These categories help us orient leaders to how we expect them to interact with participants and use the curriculum.


At G4, there are three main purposes for debrief, a time of questions, training, and prayer. While each might not occur each night at debrief, the goal is to implement each of them well so that our G4 team might feel heard, equipped, and filled with the Holy Spirit.

Appendix A: Which is the Right Group?

The decision of which group would best serve a new participant is one of the more difficult questions that is asked early in the process of attending G4. Finding the starting point for each participant can be difficult because some feel as though they have many prominent issues that need to be addressed. Given the limited amount of information that you are given by participants as they register for the first time, you are going to help them decide which group will best serve their needs. Below are five levels at which a person might find themselves which will tell them which group is right for them.

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